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Asif Azeemi is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and author based in Dubai and is the founder of Business Prime. With over 10 years of experience working in the business development industry, Mr. Azeemi has an in-depth understanding of the business environment in the UAE and leverages his expertise to help entrepreneurs and businessmen set up and expand their businesses in Dubai — one of the richest business center in the world — as well as other Emirates.

Mr. Azeemi’s practice focuses on leveraging the extensive experiences and outlooks of top business leaders to produce sustainable success for his business. He spearheads the activities and operations of Business Prime and is the thought leader on innovative business development processes when it comes to setting up a business in a jurisdiction of UAE. When it comes to B2B matchmaking services, Mr. Azeemi has a knack for creating cooperative connections and realizing valuable business opportunities that offer a win-win situation to both parties.

He is focused on liaising with business development partners and major governmental authorities in the UAE to ensure smooth and seamless business incorporation for his clients that result in long-lasting relationships and better performance for the company over the long term.

Reinforcing his comprehensive experience and knowledge is his passion for lifelong learning and his focus on leadership development to improve the performance of every department and team at Business Prime.

As a business development leader in UAE, Mr. Azeemi has authored various books on the subject, including “Building Blocks To Business Set Up In Dubai,” “How To Set Up Travel And Tourism Business In Dubai,” and “How to Start Event Management Company in Dubai.”

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