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Second Passport and Permanent Residency In Canada/Australia


Most Canadians say immigration makes Canada a better country. 

Since the 1970s, Canada has been adopting the policy of multiculturalism as this has been a huge role of the Canadian identity. Canada has a humble approach towards multiculturalism as people from every culture live in harmony, they also maintain their cultural heritage and religious practices. Canada’s diversity are well defined in cities such as Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto which is also known as ‘the most multi-cultured city in the world. Canada’s education system is the best, as they have spent more on education per capita than other nation and is also known as the most educated country in the world. The healthcare plan also provides every citizen with reasonable access to medical services and other services such as hospital visits are free of cost. 

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Australia is considered one of the most attractive country to settle in. Current migrants believe that the country has provided them with many good opportunities which gives them a higher standard of living, a more modern lifestyle, many well-paying jobs, and a strong developed economy. Australia is well-known for their good reputation for its high quality of education system, their education system provides free or subsidized primary, secondary or tertiary education. Their Medicare system provides their citizens with a wide range of health care options such as free accommodation and treatment in public hospitals as well as a low cost for prescription medicines.  

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