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Trade Mark and Product Registration

Globally, with success come the imitation risks for your Brand, Logo, and Design. Protecting your Intellectual property(IP) is a crucial matter for businesses.

RED BERRY can assist you to protect your IP in the UAE and across the globe through its network of IP lawyers/firms.

Trade-Mark Registration
Trade-Mark registration is one of the major concerns for businesses entering the new markets. In UAE, leading corporations as well as newly created establishments strive for great market image by putting immense value in protecting their intellectual property rights. Trade-mark registration and protection forms a vital part of this strategy.

The team at RED BERRY is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise required for executing trade-mark registration process in UAE. Through our services, we ensure that your distinctive and differentiating products and services are protected from imitation, counterfeiting and other illegal forms of duplication. A well-planned, carefully executed, and timely updated Trade-Mark policy keeps your business assets in the safe hand as wells as helps keep the market share intact.

The Service Highlights

  • Trademark Search
  • Filing of application 
  • Renewal of trademark

Product Registration
Dubai has a population of over 2.8Million comprising of nationalities from over 200 countries and to meet the demands of this population with regards to food, health supplements, cosmetics, Dubai depends mainly on  imports. To control such a high trade volume and to ensure quality of the products proper procedures have been laid down by DUBAI MUNICIPALITY(DM) working under the government of Dubai. 

Registering the product with DUBAI MUNICIPALITY gives the product recognition and  easy access to the African and Arab markets. RED BERRY can assist in setting up the company, register the products with DM before the products are imported into Dubai.




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