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Medical Clinic Setup in Dubai

With a vision to strengthen the private health care system in Dubai with modern, innovative, and sophisticated infrastructure, adhering to international standards, Dubai is a favorite destination to set up Clinics and Hospitals. Secondly, the city is among the top 20 recognized medical tourism destinations as per the medical tourism index.

International patients visit Dubai to avail different types of treatments for different medical conditions and seeking health care solutions such as dental care, orthopedic treatment, and infertility, to name a few.

While setting up a private medical clinic in Dubai, investors evaluate both the mainland and the free zone. Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) is a free zone that provides the ever-increasing healthcare needs of Dubai and UAE. Expats can set up medical facilities with the possibility of 100% ownership in the mainland and selected free zones jurisdiction such as DUBAI MULTI COMMODITY CENTER (DMCC) and DUBAI HEALTHCARE CITY (DHCC).

In the mainland, DED (Dubai Economy) and DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY (DHA) facilitates licensing. On the other hand, DHCC has its authority and is independent of DED and DHA.

Thus, setting up a medical clinic must be done after performing appropriate market studies in terms of a business setup perspective. Speaking with professionals is equally important before starting the process

How to set up a Medical Clinic in Dubai

To set up a Dental Clinic, Poly Clinic, Specialty Clinic and General Clinic in mainland Dubai, the licensing involves the following authorities:

Usually, the medical clinics can set up in Dubai with100% expat ownership and UAE national as a LOCAL SERVICE AGENT (LSA).Non-medical investors can also create such a structure.

The basic steps involved in a medical clinic set up in Dubai are:

1. Trade name reservation from DED

The trade name reservation is the first step in the process of opening a medical clinic. First, fill out the trade name application form on the Dubai Department of Economic Development’s official website. Then, submit the application.

2. Initial follow-up receipt from DED

After reserving a trading name, the applicant must file a separate application to the DED to obtain the same.

3. Registering the company under formation with SHERYAN SYSTEM of the DHA

4. Initial approval from DHA

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the government agency that oversees and regulates all health-related services of the city. Approval, Registration and Licensing is required for Setting up and operating any Medical Facility in Dubai.

To obtain DHA approval, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Passport, visa, and Emirates ID (as applicable for the Owner(s)).
  • Passport and Emirates ID copy of the LSA
  • DED approved trade name reservation certificate.
  • The DHA agreement (signed by the owner).
  • Medical Facility layout plan from a DHA Pre Approved Design consultant
  • Affection plan issued by Dubai Municipality
  • Business plan

Meanwhile, prepare the following documents after submitting initial documents:

  • MOA
  • Lease Agreement

5. Signing tenancy contract and procuring EJARI

Ejari is a government-run initiative in Dubai that regulates all tenancy agreements. In Arabic, the word ‘Ejari’ literally means ‘My Rent.’ Its purpose is to ensure that tenancy contracts are written in a legally binding and government-approved style.

6. Procuring DED licensing

To complete the registration and Licensing process, submit the following documents to the DED along with the required cost.

  • Copy of Initial Approval from DHA
  • Passport copies and Emirates ID copies
  • Trade Name Reservation Certificate
  • MOA is usually signed at the DED.


Completing the interiors of the place as per facility layout submitted to DHA is an important to get final approval.
Approvals from Dubai Municipality and Civil Defense

Obtaining these approvals is important and needs to be done subsequently.

8. Appointing of Medical Director and Facility Personals

The appointment of the professionals per the business plan submitted is another crucial step in the process before applying for DHA final Inspection.

9. DHA final inspection

DHA team comes for inspection of the completed facility to Approve or Suggest any required changes as per the prevailing regulations.

10. Operating license from DHA

Registering Facility with DHA and obtaining an operating license is the last step.

In brief for a new investor, registering a private medical clinic in Dubai can be a bit complex task. The procedure needs to communicate with several government bodies as well as the submission of important papers. Any inconsistency or errors in the information provided or document submission can delay the entire process. On the other hand, Red Berry Corporate Services Provider can make this whole process convenient because of the years of knowledge and expertise. You can contact Red Berry Corporate Services Provider for assistance in a new clinic set up in Dubai.




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